Cheat Code Adventure
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii U
Genre(s) Puzzle Action Platformer
Series Cheat Code Adventure

Cheat Code Adventure (Or CCA) is a game based around using cheat codes. There are several cheat codes that are given to you at the start of a level, or a series of levels. There can be several game modes, one including that your code choices are saved, so you must pick the best levels to use your code for one level, or another giving you codes that are used for all the levels.


This game influences cheat codes, although practically ruining the term of cheat codes. The levels are randomly generated, as are the cheat codes. There is a level editor, so you can create your own levels and select the game mode, level music, cheat codes...ETC. Before a level starts, you get shown a possibility of things in the level, to suggest the cheat code to use.

Game Modes

Reusable Codes The randomly given codes never run out.
One-Use Code Can only use one code once.
Good Code, Bad Code Select a code that can help. A randomly selected code that do harm will be thrown in.

Cheat Code List

Cheat Code Effect Use?
Hero Speed Increases the player's speed Neutral
2x Damage Player takes 2x damage. Negative
2x Jump The player jumps higher. Neutral
Jump is Bad Everytime you jump, you lose a quarter of health, every enemy killed refills four quarters. Negative
Double Jump The player can jump twice. Positive
Slippery Floor All floor is like ice. Neutral
Half-Iron Man No Checkpoints Negative
Iron Man No Checkpoints, player dies in one hit Negative

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