Chattersilk's appearance
Full Name Chattersilk
Current Age 37
Gender Genderless (referred to as Male)
Species Living Silk
Align True Neutral
Current Status Alive
Chattersilk is a living Silk, a creature created in an Alternate Universe version of Earth where Magic was the dominant research as opposed to Science. Chattersilk was created by a London Tailor called Enum whom would create creatures like Chattersilk to help as volunteers, Chattersilk accidentally fell into a portal however ending up in the Fantendoverse Earth.


Chattersilk is a large multi-limbed creature with a predominantly black silk body. He has 4 main limbs and 12 lesser limbs, the four main limbs have star shaped hands with five longs claws which Chattersilk can use to repair himself if he's damaged or loses a limb. Chattersilk's limbs have purple stripes towards the bottom of them while his main limbs also have Red-Yellow Zig-Zags as well. He has a large Blue Bell in the middle of his chest which is the source of his life containing a sphere of wood from a Coa Tree, a Tree from Alt. Universe Earth that possesses infinite life. The Bell is the only part of Chattersilk's exterior that is metal. His head forms a peculiar hourglass shape with his eyes in the center. He has a mouth with yellow and red teeth and atop his head he has small threads with beads on the end to simulate hair.

Chattersilk is fairly large, standing around 2.5m tall although floats and has very flexible limbs meaning that if only his body and head are counted (the only truly solid parts of his body) he is much shorter.


Chattersilk originally was just called Silk by Enum as were all of Enum's creations, it wasn't until Chattersilk began making acquaintances in the Fantendoverse that he got the name Chattersilk, which as may already be telling, is due to his talkative nature. Chattersilk love to talk, he will talk about anything from how he's feeling to observations around him, seemingly unaware of how annoying he can be.

It is highly suggested that one not ask Chattersilk himself about his past since he goes into intrinsic detail, and although having perfect memory seems to lack proper understanding of efficiency. Chattersilk is very friendly although doesn't understand morality and has made friends with both good and evil characters in the Fantendoverse. He only has major gripes with individuals whom physically damage him or when he has two friends who oppose each other. Chattersilk will often try to talk over arguing friends to the point where they both give up which usually just leaves them both annoyed at Chattersilk who prefers to avoid conflict as he can't comprehend the dynamics of it.


Chattersilk's abilities, which he refers to as "gifts from Enum" are to be expected of a magical piece of material. Chattersilk can physically engage in combat with his four claws or bite with his fangs. In addition he can charge and release a burst of energy from the Coa Wood within his bell in a sort of laser effect. Chattersilk can also partially unravel himself to avoid being hit or tear his main arms in half to double his attacking speed.


Chattersilk has several vulnerabilities which often leave him at a disadvantage against particular individuals and in particular locations. Primarily Chattersilk can be heavily damaged from fire with usually only his bell surviving (on at least one ocassion the heat has been so intense it's deformed his bell requiring the bell to be reshaped before re-assembling his body. Once Chattersilk has a thread attached to his bell he can re-assemble himself however making it more vital for him to protect his bell and the Coa Wood inside than the rest of his body.

Chattersilk can obviously be torn apart by sharp objects, he can be torn, unravelled and have limbs cut off in one fell swoop easily leaving Chattersilk at a disadvantage against Axe-Wielders and Slashing Swordsmen. Chattersilk also cannot resurface by himself if he goes underwater as he becomes too heavy and needs to usually be dragged out, have his bell emptied and weight for his silk to dry. Some have suggested wringing him out like a towel although on the one attempt this was done, Chattersilk's back left arm tore off. Chattersilk also cannot go near lava at all, even if he is in a protective suit, Chattersilk can be completely incinerated and have his bell melt away leaving his Coa Wood only 4 hours (estimated) before it cannot protect itself from the Lava any longer.


  • Chattersilk is the first Darklight Studios Character introduce after Omni
  • Chattersilk is partially inspired by numerous individuals;
    • Paper Mario, Kirby's Epic Yarn & Kirby's Rainbow Curse for alternative materials
    • Belome from Super Mario RPG as the original idea for his body
    • Drifblim, Bronzong & Dusknoir as ideas for design options

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