Chattersilk New
Chattersilk's appearance
Gender Genderless (referred to as Male)
Species Once Robot
Current Status Alive
Chattersilk is a once Robot originating from the Hidden Universe and previously from an unknown universe. Chattersilk is one of the entities sent by The Programmer to cause havoc to the Fantendoverse. Chattersilk was specifically sent to the Dark Woods to cause chaos and unravel the bounds between it and the rest of the Fantendoverse.


Chattersilk is a humanoid creature comprised of a silk-like material that makes up almost his entire body. He has two metallic components, a zipper to his mouth and a large bell structure on his mid-section. Chattersilk has an unusual shaped head appearing like a sort of vase shape. The top of his head has laurel features which also appear around his neck. He has four arms which share a similar pattern to the interior of his mouth although he cannot open these patterns up although his arms are shown to be hollow on the inside. He also has two longer limbs that act as his legs that protrudce from the cavity at the bottom of his torso. All of his limbs have three claws on the end. His body is Black, Blue and Purple in colour.


Chattersilk is a cunning and tricky to understand individual as his motives are often concealed by his joking exterior. To many Chattersilk may appear just as a laughing goof although he uses this to his advantage making friends with his targets to use them to do his work for him. Chattersilk has been known to torture individuals both physically and mentally and seems to try and make them laugh while doing it, the measures he goes to get people to laugh can be more torturous than the torture itself.


Chattersilk is able to utilize an ability he calls, ravelling. This is in essence two separate abilities, one is to unravel objects into long strands while the other is to sew unravelled objects back together or sew two objects together. These abilities are limited to physical objects however and do not work on liquids or gases. Chattersilk seems to mainly use this ability to prevent combat as he will often sew his enemy to the ground or an object like a tree to stop them or unravel their weapon to make it useless.


  • Chattersilk is the only one of The Programmer's four disruptors not sent to the Main Fantendoverse instead sent to the Pocket Universe, Dark Woods. It would seem that this draw parallels to the deities that exist in the Fantendoverse as the Main Fantendoverse has; The Fan, The Enemy & The Other while Dark Woods has Isis

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