Now, what have we here? Heroes from another dimension? Had I not been a traveller myself, I'd be pleasantly surprised. Now then, sweetie, I'm Chartruse DeRosa, the usual items merchant that every video game needs. New town? I'm there. About to fight a boss? I'm there. Anyways, what can I do for you?
Chartruse's introduction

Full Name Chartruse DeRosa
Current Age Mid-Early 30's
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Female
Species Unknown, presumed human or Terran
Current Status Alive
The Guard (possibly)
Main Weapon(s) Vast array of collected weaponry
Ability/ies Fourth-wall awareness

Dimensional travel

Bartering/merchantry skill

First Appearance Pyroverse: ORIGIN

Chartruse is a character developed by Pyro Enterprises, and takes the role of the studio's "secret" or "cameo" character. Her first official appearance is in the crossover game Pyroverse: ORIGIN, and afterwards makes appearances in nearly every project by the studio.


Chartruse seems unusual and quirky on the surface, seemingly ignorant of what's going on around her and acting like a ditz most of the time. However, those around her quickly discover that she is infinitely more cunning and intelligent than she seems at first glance, and is extremely manipulative.

Chartruse seems to have no real alignment, and will serve hero and villain alike as long as it benefits her. She is obsessed with money and will try to obtain it in any way possible.

In terms of culture, Chartruse seems to have amalgamated aspects of multiple worlds and societies, often mixing phrases from multiple worlds just to confuse her clientele.


Chartruse's early years are unknown, as no data on her exists anywhere in the known Pyroverse; it is implied that she gained her fourth-wall awareness at a young age and began her ventures from there.

Now, Chartruse acts as a "shopkeeper" of sorts, stealing objects from one universe and selling them in worlds where the items are rarer or do not exist at all. In addition, she seems to keep at least two of every weapon she gets her hands on for herself, implying that she is planning something or needs protection against something.


Chartruse has no real powers physical or magical; however, she is the only known being in the Pyroverse to possess true fourth wall-awareness, as opposed to dimensional travellers such as Evi and Inversim who only have slight awareness. With this, she is capable of transporting through dimensions without use of external magic or machinery, and uses this to her advantage whenever possible.


Pyroverse: ORIGIN

Evi's Diaries


  • According to Pyrostar, Chartruse was inspired by a combination of several characters, most notably Anna from the Fire Emblem franchise, the Doctor from the Dr. Who television series, and Zacharie from the indie RPG OFF.
    • "The idea was to have a shopkeeper who made their living by taking things from other dimensions and selling them at exorbitant prices to those who didn't realize what they were worth. Of course, it loses the effect when she tries bartering with another traveller. Nobody knows where she comes from, but she has to have a home dimension."
  • Despite being themed after the color, Chartruse's name is spelled incorrectly. It is stated that there is a reason for this, however.