Charnelon the Blue Ninja (character)
Charnelon in Charnelon The Blue Ninja
Current Age 15
Date of Birth TBA
Zodiac Sign Snake
Gender Male
Location Valley of Peace
Current Status Alive
Shara The Yellow Ninja,
Family and Relations
Rod The Red Ninja (Rival)
Main Weapon(s) Shuriken
Ability/ies Uses Shuriken.
"The Blue Guy" - By Rod The Red Ninja
Voice Actor(s)
Alex Neleon
First Appearance Charnelon the Blue Ninja
Latest Appearance Charnelon the Blue Ninja 2
Charnelon The Blue Ninja. is the main protagonist of Charnelon the Blue Ninja, he is a blue ninja chameleon.


Charnelon the Blue Ninja

Charnelon is the main character of the game, he is very quiet and skilful, he has a rival Rod the Red Ninja.

Super Smash Bros. Charged!

Charnelon is DLC character is very fast character. His final smash is Water Shuriken.


Charnelon is blue chameleon with red horn on the nose.


Charnelon is very speed ninja and very quiet and skilful.