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  • (Theme Song Plays)
  • Kirby, Kirby, Kirby
  • That a name you should know.
  • Kirby, Kirby, Kirby
  • He's the star of the show
  • He's more than you think
  • He's got maximum pink
  • Kirby, Kirby, Kirby's the one
  • He comes right back at ya
  • He comes right back at ya
  • Give it all that you got
  • Give your very best shot
  • He'll send it it right back at ya for sure
  • ???: How can a help you King Dedede
  • King Dedede: I need a Pokémon to clobber that Kirby
  • ???: That's what we do best at NME
  • Waddle Dee: You better give it with a money back guarantee
  • (Trumpet Solo)
  • Oh, Kirby, Kirby, Kirby
  • Saving the day
  • Kirby, Kirby, Kirby
  • He's here to stay
  • Don't be fooled by his size you won't believe you eyes
  • Kirby (Kirby)
  • Kirrrrrby (Kirby)
  • Kirby (Kirby)
  • Kirby, Kirby, Kirby's the one
  • Kirby and Pokémon, yeah
  • (Episode's Title arrives)
  • Tiff (voice): Charmander, I Choose You
  • (Episode Begins)
  • Tiff: Tuff, why are you outside Oak's lab?
  • Tuff: I'm waiting for Kirby to come. He said he was going to meet me at the enterence.
  • Tiff: Oh, good you.
  • (Kirby arrives to the lab)
  • Kirby: Hey Tuff, I see you heard my message... I mean Poyo?
  • Tiff: Kirby? You can talk? But how? Please tell why this could b...
  • (Kirby stops Tiff)
  • Kirby: Not another word. I know that is too good to be true.
  • Tuff: Can we just go in now?
  • Kirby and Tiff: NOT NOW!
  • (A few seconds later...)
  • Kirby: Okay, let's go!
  • (Inside the lab)
  • Tiff: Oak we're here. Where could he be?
  • Tuff: Look a note!
  • Kirby: Okay, let's see what we got here.
  • (Kirby picks up note)
  • Kirby: Hm... It says here, Dear Future Pokémon Trainers, Sorry I can't make it to the lab. I'm busy helping Ash with his training. Who's Ash? Who cares...Anyway, choose one Pokémon from the three for the each of you. From Professor Oak.
  • (Kirby, Tiff and Tuff look at the balls with symbles on them. One grass, one fire and one water)
  • Tiff: I think we have to choose one.
  • Tuff: Well, I don't know about you two but I choose you, Squirtle!
  • Tiff: So Kirby, Bulbasaur or Charmander?
  • (When Tiff sees Bulbasaur, she fell in love with it)
  • Tiff: Hi little buddy, you want to be mine?
  • Bulbasaur: Bulbasaur Bulb.
  • Tiff: I'll take that as a "Yes"
  • Kirby: Okay have it your way Tiff that means...
  • (Kirby grabs Charmander and tosses him in the air)
  • Kirby: ...Charmander, I Choose You!
  • (Tiff and Tuff stare at Kirby)
  • Tuff: Really?
  • Tiff: Kirby, don't get your feet in a knot.
  • Kirby: No I don't.
  • Tiff: Well than Kirby, I challenge you to a Pokémon Battle.
  • Battle: Kirby vs. Tiff
  • Tiff: Bulbasaur, come out!
  • (Bulbasaur comes out of the Pokeball)
  • Bulbasaur: Bulbasaur.
  • Kirby: Fine, have it your way. Let's go Charmander!
  • (Charmander comes out of the Pokeball)
  • Charmander: Char Char.
  • Tiff: Bulbasaur use Tackle!
  • (Bulbasaur charges at Charmander)
  • Kirby: Charmander, dodge it!
  • (Charmander jumps out of the way)
  • Kirby: Now, Tackle!
  • (Charmander attacks Bulbasaur)
  • Tiff: Bulbasaur!
  • (Bulbasaur faints)
  • Tuff: Bulbasaur's unable to battle. Charmander wins!
  • (Tiff and Kirby shake hands)
  • Tiff: This has been a great battle, and a short one.
  • Kirby: I know...
  • Tuff: You might have beated Tiff, but you can't beat me! Charmander's weak to Squirtle!
  • Kirby: Oh yeah? Bring it on!
  • Battle: Kirby vs. Tuff
  • Tuff: There's no way I'm gonna lose this. Squirtle, I choose you!
  • (Squirtle comes out of the Pokeball)
  • Squirtle: Squirtle Squirtle.
  • Kirby: Same here! Charmander, go!
  • Charmander: Char Char.
  • Tuff: Squirtle use Water Gun!
  • Tiff: Squirtle doesn't know Water Gun.
  • Tuff: Than, what does he know?
  • Tiff: Tail Whip.
  • (Squirtle starts swinging his tail)
  • Tiff: Are these Pokémon awesome?
  • Tuff: Damn you Tiff...
  • Kirby: Charmander, Tackle now!
  • (Charmander attacks Squirtle and he faints)
  • Tiff: Squirtle's unable to battle. Charmander wins!
  • Tuff: Good job Kirby. You go ahead, we'll battle each other.
  • Kirby: Thanks guys.
  • (Kirby leaves and Tiff and Tuff battle)
  • Kirby: Thank you guys see you soon.
  • "And so, Kirby has discove Pokemon and started a new quest. With more of Kanto to discover, what dangers will Kirby encounter next! Tune in next time for the next exciting episode of Kirby and Pokemon"

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