Charlie (Charlie: The Pretzel Warrior)
Full Name Charlie
Current Age 37
Date of Birth 1976
Gender Male
Species Human
Location  ???
Current Status Living
Class Hero/ Ally
Family and Relations
Mario (Cousin)

Luigi (Cousin)

Main Weapon(s) Charlie can't reveal this
Ability/ies Charlie can't reveal yet
Vulnerable To  ???
Voice Actor(s)
Roger Craig Smith
First Appearance New Super Mario Universe (2012)
Latest Appearance None for now

Charlie is Mario and Luigi's long lost cousin and the main protagonist of Charlie: The Preztel Warior.


Charlie lived in a kingdom known as the Pretzel kingdom many years ago. He lived with his parents peacefully until one day, the Pretzel Kingdom was destroyed by Charlie's greatest nemesis- King Pretzel. Charlie left the kingdom to be destroyed and contiuned a journey to find a new castle. Eventually, he found Mario and Luigi and they formed a great bond. However, Charlie had to leave the bros to continue to his journey.

Game AppearancesEdit

Charlie's first appearance was in the 1999 game Charlie the Pretzel warrior where many players didn't known him well. Charlie had to save his kingdom from the King Pretzel.

New Super Mario UniverseEdit

Charlie appears in the cast of New Super Mario Universe. He appeared as an ally in the game and after completing a mission, he would appear at the Mushroom Kingdom along with the other characters. Although he didn't play a major role. if Mario talked to him, he would ask to tag along on the next mission.

Personality Charlie has a timid personailty. He doesn't talk much and tends to worry about others.