Charles, the youngest member in the Chao Gang

Charles  is a character in the Neverhood Series. He is a short brown Chao who is small enough to fit through tight passages his bigger friends can't go into. He is also the youngest of the Chao Gang.

Battle For The Neverhood

Charles is one of the 8 chaos immune to Dr. Kogg's gas, and he and his immune friends to go save all the other infected chaos. Charles is the only one who can go into small holes that lead to bonuses. He can also use the cube bobble on his head to flatten enemies, push it to enemies, and trap foes.

Later, Charles helps Klaymen defeat both mutated Yoko and Nora at the Lurker Graveyard. He and his friends go to Kogg's Forteress to stop Dr. Kogg, and they all swim back to their island after the Forteress exploded.

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