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Charity in The Temple of Dreams
Full Name Charity
Current Age 16
Date of Birth March 28
Zodiac Sign Aries
Species New Human
Current Status Alive
Class Antagonist
Main Weapon(s) Guns
First Appearance The Temple of Dreams
Latest Appearance The Temple of Paradise
Charity is one of five main protagonists in The Temple of Dreams series. She has been rebooted into the Ziama Prime timeline as of The Temple of Paradise.


She is a human from Bounty Retreat, a rich people's tropical island. She has purple hair with light blue highlights and a complete purple dress, as it is her favourite colour. She always carries around her purple gun with her as a defence mechanism if trouble were to ever arise.


Charity is a very feisty and hostile girl from the Realm of Bounty Retreat, she has grown up always harbouring her deepest desire which no one close to her such as friends or family could ever deliver her - fortune. Her greed has started to become uncontrollable, to the point where she steals gold and money from her local town houses, feeding her addiction even further.

She decided to start travelling around the world to uncover the most luscious of riches the world is hiding, and make a name for herself of course. She is described by a lot of people as self-absorbed and greedy, and with her lust for gold and treasure becoming more controlling, we will possibly never see a change in her personality.



The Temple of Paradise

Dimensional Destruction






  • Charity is the least heroic character available to play as in The Temple of Dreams.
  • She will receive a redesign soon.

Solarrion Project

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