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Chargin' Chuck
A Chargin' Chuck
Species Origin Koopa Troopa
Alignment Bad

Chargin' Chucks are a type of Koopa Troopa that wear American football gear. They first appear in Super Mario World as fairly durable enemies; Mario would need to jump on them three times before defeating them, or fire several Fireballs as Fire Mario. They later reappear in Super Mario 3D World, where now they only need to be jumped on twice. However, after the first jump they would lose their helmets and become enraged, attacking faster.


Chargin' Chucks have a many attack patterns based on sports such as baseball and American football. With the exception of the Whistlin' Chucks, a jump on them will make them act like Lookout Chucks.


  • Lookout Chuck: The regular Chargin' Chucks. They will charge towards Mario, breaking through blocks and jumping over obstacles.
  • Confused Chuck: Chargin' Chucks that throw baseballs at Mario. They throw six baseballs at a time before stopping. They can also jump and throw the baseballs to attack Mario while airborne.
  • Passin' Chuck: Chargin' Chucks that will take out footballs and kick them, causing them to bounce along the ground. These footballs can be jumped on by Mario.
  • Clappin' Chuck: Chargin' Chucks that stay in place and jump upward, clapping above their heads. They jump whenever Mario jumps, trying to get in his way.
  • Diggin' Chuck: Chargin' Chucks that use a shovel to dig into the ground, pulling out rocks that jump across the ground to damage Mario.
  • Bouncin' Chuck: Chargin' Chucks that move around by leaping around. They only move when Mario approaches near, trying to surprise him.
  • Splittin' Chuck: Chargin' Chucks that stay stationary until Mario draws near, where they will split into three Chargin' Chucks. All three of them then attack like Lookout Chucks.
  • Whistlin' Chuck: Chargin' Chucks that whistle, summoning enemies like Super Koopas and Rip Van Fish to attack Mario.


  • Zombie Chargin' Chuck: Chargin' Chucks that have been turned into zombies.


Koopa Kart Series

Chargin' Chucks were planned to be in Super Koopa Kart and Koopa Kart DS, but were rejected both times, most likely for a lack of stable artwork.

Lets-a-go, Mario

Chucks also appear in Lets-a-go, Mario as enemies. They attack in every way they do in Super Mario World, which includes charging, throwing baseballs, kicking footballs, and dividing into three Chargin' Chucks. The game also introduces the Chuck Suit as a downloadable power-up, which allows the wearer to defeat enemies from the side when running at full speed. Boss Chargin' Chuck is also the leader of the Chargin' Chucks in this game.


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