This page shows all of the characters in the Pathverse.

Zero Age

First Age

  • King Dedede: The first king of the Inner Realm, Dedede was responsible for the creation of Devotee City

Second Age

Third Age

Fourth Age

  • King Toadstool: The king of the Inner Realm, he disappeared on the anniversary of the completion of Devotee Castle.
  • Princess Peach: The princess of the Inner Realm, after her father's disappearance she was forced to become the temporary ruler of the kingdom until King Toadstool was found.

Fifth Age

Sixth Age

  • Oxus: The leader of a small settlement founded in the ruins of Devotee City.
  • Sk8
  • Rix6

Seventh Age

  • Lyx: A Shadow Android who destroyed every living creature in the Inner Realm.

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