Full Name Tronica Alphena Cogston
Current Age 28
Gender Female
Species Human/Cyborg
Align Lawful Neutral
Current Status Alive
Tinkering with machinery, sleep, strategic warfare
Wasted or ruined effort, British cuisine
Main Weapon(s) Drone Gun, various types of Drones
Ability/ies Obscene amounts of money, technological prowess
Vulnerable To Physical combat, low stamina
Ethnicity French
Height 5'09
Weight 184 pounds
The Platinum Woman
First Appearance  ???
Latest Appearance  ???

Tronica (full name Tronica Alphena Cogston) is a cybernetically-enhanced human and high-ranking member of cybernetics conglomerate Argum Tech, acting as one of the company's "field agents" and performing covert-ops missions for her superiors.


Tronica is a slender woman of French descent, with pale skin, green eyes, and platinum blonde hair styled in bangs. She has a variety of clothing options that she tends to switch between, but her "operative gear" includes a white tank top, black pants, a technologically-enhanced piece of clothing resembling a hybrid between a trenchcoat and a lab coat, and a piece of eyewear resembling a scouter.

Her primary weapon is the Drone Gun, a sleek white pistol-esque weapon that acts as a trigger for her variety of robotic drones. The gun is used by Tronica to command these drones, locating targets for each drone.


Tronica is highly intelligent and manipulative at her core. She seems to have a given gift for connivery and trickery, and will use this to get her way and achieve her goals without a second thought. She's also an expert with machinery as well as programming it, having a mastery of most technology as well as having modified her Argum Tech weaponry for improved efficiency.



Powers and Abilities



She hasn't made any appearances yet.





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