Characteristics/The Hero Hunter
The Hero Hunter, in the flesh.
Full Name The Hero Hunter
Current Age 35
Date of Birth 5/4/1981
Gender Male
Species Bazendeeran Human
Align Neutral?
Current Status Alive
Class Bounty Hunter
Donuts, Chinese Food
Tentacles, Failure
Main Weapon(s) Shogun Shotgun
Ability/ies Excellent Targeting with a shotgun, Intimidation
Vulnerable To Mortality
Ethnicity Black
Height 6'07
Weight 230 pounds
Hero Hunter
First Appearance  ???
Latest Appearance  ???

The Hero Hunter (real name unknown) is a hunter that goes after heroes like Unten, Strafe, etc. He works alongside an Asian woman known only as Impala.


The Hero Hunter is a black man that looks strikingly similar to Samuel L. Jackson, with blue sun glasses over his eyes. He wears a black leather overcoat that flaps in the wind and holds several weapons. One of his hands has been replaced with a silver cybernetic hand. He carries around a red and golden colored shotgun called the Shogun Shotgun. His eyes are actually both gone, but his other senses are heightened enough to do incredible shots with his shotgun.


The Hero Hunter is ruthless and fairly intimidating to go up against. It's nearly impossible to read his emotions. He isn't very trusting of other people and only trusts one person to help, his partner that goes by the name of Impala. He has the misguided goal of taking out "heroes", his motivation hazy to even him.



Powers and Abilities



He hasn't made any appearances yet.



The two have a close but not romantic relationship. The Hero Hunter states that she is his eyes, and can relay information to him fairly quickly in a way that he understands.


Trophy Information


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