LeafDesign For Jai
An unassuming farmer.
Full Name Leaf
Current Age 29
Date of Birth 7/2/1987
Gender Male
Species Human-rabbit??
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Class Farmer
Farmwork, rainfall, carrots
Wolves, deception
Main Weapon(s) Carrot blade, rake
Ability/ies Farmwork, sword skills (to a small extent)
Ethnicity Indian
Height 5'11
Weight 125 pounds
Sexuality Bisexual
First Appearance  ???
Latest Appearance  ???

Leaf is a good-spirited, albeit simple-minded, man who lives on the outskirts of a Grand Kingdom, banished from the towns and cities and working as a farmer.


Leaf, for the most part, resembles an Indian human with a relatively strong build and green eyes. Outside of the bright blue hair tied back in an almost unnoticeable ponytail, Leaf's most notable traits are two bunny-like ears on top of his head, making him resemble a part-rabbit, part-human. His usual get-up is a navy sweater or t-shirt with a carrot printed on it, as well as a red bandanna.


Leaf is relatively good-hearted and kind, though this can sometimes lead for him to come off of as simple-minded and naive, if not be too trusting with new faces. His only other weakness personality-wise is the fact that he has no idea how to act around anyone he finds attractive, often going into a state of nervous panic.

Powers and Abilities

Leaf seemingly has a few rabbit-like characteristics up his sleeve to allow him to fight—for one thing, he is able to leap far distances and dig at incredible speeds. He also wields an orange blade he supposedly crafted himself known as the Carrot Blade, which, aside from being a formidable weapon, makes the wielder mind-glowingly cunning and fast. He also can hit things with a rake if he needs to.


He hasn't made any appearances yet.


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