characteristics allows you to create and share a character that you are currently not using, will not be using for a long time, will never use, or simply just a character you have created with no use.

If you want to create a character, but have no current use for them, then please create a subpage be using [[Characteristics/...]], you can also create subpages for your subpage.


Any characters that you make should be listed and linked to their subpage below;

List of names

Here are links to pages containing names, the pages are separated as follows;

Masculine Names

Feminine Names

Androgynous Names

You are free to add any names to the lists that you feel they belong, be sure to check that the name you are suggesting is not already on any of the lists.

Character Designs

Original Designs

Here are characters that have no names or backstories, and are simply just concepts and designs, if you are submitting a character, be sure to put either "Free to Use" or "Owned Character" under their image when adding to the gallery.

Designs for Already Existing Characters

Here are characters that already exist in either fanon or canon media. You can redesign any character to how you please, but be careful when redesigning fanon characters, as the creator may ask you to remove your interpretation, if this happens then the image shall be removed from the gallery. Be sure to leave a link to the characters official page underneath your design.