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Character Gashat are devices similar to video game cartridges used by the Heroes & Ponies Riders in Kamen Rider Mario: Game Start.

List Of Character Gashats


Mario Luigi Sonic the Hedgehog Prince Duke the Hedgehog Miles "Tails" Prower Yoshi Gentas Galuigi Nicolas the Hedgehog Winner the Fox Nices the Fox Doshi


Princess Peach Princess Daisy Amy Rose Tikal Cream the Rabbit Birdo Princess Rosalina Princess Marimo Sally Acorn Stick the Badger Fiona Fox (Jane) Virdo


Twilight Sparkle

Lv.1: Friendship is Magic! Element of Magic! Lv.2: Magic of Light! Princess of Friendship!


Lv.1: Apple is Rodeo! Element of Honesty! Lv.2: Throw a Rope, The Rodeo Girl! Yeehaw!!

Rainbow Dash

Lv.1: Speed to Dash! Element of Loyalty! Lv.2: Sonic Rainboom! This is Awesome!


Lv.1: The Jewel Lover! Element of Generosity! Lv.2: Diamond in Boutique! Let to Dressed!


Lv.1: She is a Shyness! Element of Kindness! Lv.2: Loved of Animals! Shyness so Quietly!

Pinkie Pie

Lv.1: Pink Party Sweet! Element of Laughter! Lv.2: Everypony Smile, Smile, Smile~!

Sunset Shimmer Sugarcoat Indigo Zap Sunny Flare Sour Sweet Lemon Zest

Other Ponies

Power Up

Shadowy Owldeus: based on Owlowiscious

Lv.X: Iga of Shadow! Ninjatsu of Shadow! Shadowy Owldeus! Lv.XX: Iga of Shadow! Ninjatsu of Shadow! Shadowy Owldeus!

Running Vinona: based on Vinona

Lv.X: Here we Go! Go, Go! Running Vinona! Lv.XX: Here we Go! Go, Go! Running Vinona!

Grand Bazooka Tank: based on Tank

Lv.X: Grand of the Tank! Grand Bazooka Tank! Lv.XX: Grand of the Tank! Grand Bazooka Tank!

Slash Opal: based on Opalescence

Lv.X: Lover is Anger! Slash Opal~! Lv.XX: Lover is Anger! Slash Opal~!

Fighting Combat Angel: based on Angel

Lv.X: Fight! Fight! Fighting Combat Angel! Lv.XX: Fight! Fight! Fighting Combat Angel!

Dangerous Gummy: based on Gummy

Lv.X: Danger! Danger! Dangerous Gummy! Lv.XX: Danger! Danger! Dangerous Gummy!

Drago Spike X: based on Spike (EG)

Lv.X: Drago Speed! Drago Fire! Dra~go Spi~ke X! Lv.XX: Drago! Drago! Drago! Drago Spike X!

Historical People

Red Swords: based on Miyamoto Musashi King Electric: based on Thomas Edison Forest Arrow: based on Robin Hood Falling Gravity: based on Isaac Newton Cowboy Shot: based on Billy the Kid Song Upper Symphony: based on Ludwig van Beethoven Big Ben Monk: based on Musashibo Benkei Kabuki Bloom: based on Ishikawa Goemon Japan Dragon Ryoma: based on Sakamoto Ryoma Yamataikoku Queen: based on Queen Himiko Gold Mask Pharaoh: based on Tutankhamun Warlord Shogun: based on Oda Nobunaga Amazing Magician: based on Harry Houdini Fighting Pens: based on Grimm Brothers Master Sanzo: based on Sanzo/Xuanzang Grand Voyages: based on Christopher Columbus Genius Da Vinci: based on Leonardo da Vinci Humans Evolution: based on Charles Darwin Angel Saving: based on Florence Nightingale Sword Hunting: based on Toyotomi Hideyoshi Superior Edo: based on Tokugawa Ieyasu Lightning Sumo: based on Raiden Tameemon

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