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Character Gashat (キャラクターガシャット) are devices similar to video game cartridges used by the Riders in Kamen Rider Mario

List Of Rider Gashats

Rider form:


  • Twilight Sparkle Gashat
  • Applejack Gashat
  • Rainbow Dash Gashat
  • Rarity Gashat
  • Fluttershy Gashat
  • Pinkie Pie Gashat


  • Mario Gashat
  • Luigi Gashat
  • Sonic Gashat
  • Duke Gashat
  • Tails Gashat
  • Yoshi Gashat

50 Games:

  1. GCG001. Orb Action V Gashat (Orb Action V Gashat)
  2. GCG002. Brave Knight Gashat (Brave Knight Gashat)
  3. GCG003. GanGan Shooting Gashat (GanGan Shooting Gashat)
  4. GCG004. Hayai Motorbike Gashat (Fast Motorbike Gashat)
  5. GCG005. Gekitotsu Robots Gashat (Clash Robots Gashat)
  6. GCG006. DoReMiFa Beat Gashat (DoReMiFa Beat Gashat)
  7. GCG007. Giri Giri Chambara Gashat (Slash Slash Chambara Gashat)
  8. GCG008. Jet Combat Gashat (Jet Combat Gashat)
  9. GCG009. Shakariki Sports Gashat (Shakariki Sports Gashat)
  10. GCG010. Utopia Action X Gashat (Utopia Action X Gashat)
  11. GCG011. Knockout Fighter Gashat
  12. GCG012. Perfect Puzzle Gashat
  13. GCG013. Cheesey Burger Gashat
  14. GCG014. City Construction Gashat
  15. GCG015. Dynamo Magician Gashat
  16. GCG016. Bancho Rumble Gashat
  17. GCG017. HighRoller Gashat
  18. GCG018. Shoukan Draw Gashat
  19. GCG019. Neil Galaxy Gashat
  20. GCG020. Drago Knight Hunter Z Gashat (Drago Knight Hunter Z Gashat)
  21. GCG021. Dangerous Zombie Gashat
  22. GCG022. Get Moon Vampire Gashat
  23. GCG023. Quick Frakenstein Gashat
  24. GCG024. Crystal Adventure Gashat
  25. GCG025. Nin Nin Ninja Gashat
  26. GCG026. Lasso Rodeo Gashat
  27. GCG027. Smash Football Gashat
  28. GCG028. Ryusei Kung-Fu Gashat
  29. GCG029. Doctor Medic Gashat
  30. GCG030. Kudamono Farmer Gashat
  31. GCG031. Shuffle Solitaire Gashat
  32. GCG032. Tensai Gunman Gashat
  33. GCG033. Base Strike Gashat
  34. GCG034. Kaizoku Attacker Gashat
  35. GCG035. Speedy Race Gashat
  36. GCG036. Chance Casino Gashat
  37. GCG037. Wave Boat Gashat
  38. GCG038. Dress Up Fashion Gashat
  39. GCG039. 100 Basketball Gashat
  40. GCG040. Warrior Legend Gashat
  41. GCG041. Auto Robber Gashat
  42. GCG042. MaMa Cooking Gashat
  43. GCG043. Snow Walk Gashat
  44. GCG044. Hotel Room Gashat
  45. GCG045. Superstar Tennis Gashat
  46. GCG046. Dragon Fist Break Gashat
  47. GCG047. Jungle Adventure Gashat
  48. GCG048. Eat A Pizza Gashat
  49. GCG049. Sekai Ju Canyon Gashat
  50. GCG050. Rainbow King Castle M Gashat (Rainbow King Castle M Gashat)

Legend Rider:

  • Meitantei W Gashat (名探偵Wガシャット Famous Detective W Gashat) → Kamen Rider W
  • Keisatsu Accel Gashat (警察アクセルガシャット Police Accel Gashat) → Kamen Rider Accel
  • Jungle OOO Gashat (ジャングルOOOガシャット Jungle OOO Gashat) → Kamen Rider OOO
  • Saisei Birth Gashat (再生バースガシャット Rebirth Birth Gashat) → Kamen Rider Birth
  • Uchu Fourze Gashat (宇宙フォーゼガシャット Space Fourze Gashat) → Kamen Rider Fourze
  • Kung-Fu Fist Meteor Gashat (カンフーフィストメテオガシャット Kung-Fu Fist Meteor Gashat) → Kamen Rider Meteor
  • Mahou Wizard Gashat (魔法ウィザードガシャット Magic Wizard Gashat) → Kamen Rider Wizard
  • Mayo Beast Gashat (メイヨービーストガシャット Mayo Beast Gashat) → Kamen Rider Beast
  • Fruit Samurai Gaim Gashat (フルーツサムライ鎧武 [ガイム] ガシャット Fruit Samurai Gaim Gashat) → Kamen Rider Gaim
  • Knight Baron Gashat (ナイトバロンガシャット Knight Baron Gashat) → Kamen Rider Baron
  • Full Throttle Drive Gashat (フルスロットルドライブガシャット Full Throttle Drive Gashat) → Kamen Rider Drive
  • Shingo Mach Gashat (信号マッハガシャット Signal Mach Gashat) → Kamen Rider Mach
  • Kaigan Ghost Gashat (開眼ゴーストガシャット Kaigan Ghost Gashat) → Kamen Rider Ghost
  • Hand Spectre Gashat (ハンドスペクトルガシャット Hand Spectre Gashat) → Kamen Rider Spectre

Oc Rider:

  • Iceman Orloc Gashat (アイスマンオーロックガシャット Iceman Orloc Gashat)
  • Kurokishi Haku Gashat (黒騎士伯ガシャット Black Knight Haku Gashat)
  • Storming Terra Gashat (ストーミングテラガシャット Storming Terra Gashat)
  • Dark Kaigan Zombie Gashat (ダーク開眼ゾンビガシャット Dark Kaigan Zombie)

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