After learning of the Rainbow Star, the heroes think of where to look for the pieces next. As they are pondering, they see an old Kong by the name of Cranky. He says that he has finally finished his DK Kannon that will help him get back home to DK Isles, although it only has enough energy to work once. Thinking that there may be a Rainbow Star piece there, Pyrouge quickly gets his crew into the kannon as they launch of to the Island, leaving Cranky stranded and steamed. As they arrive, they notice that the island is void of Kongs. They progress further and notice 2 Kremlings near a Shaking DK barrel. They defeat the Kongs and open the barrel, releasing a very dizzy Diddy Kong. The little chimp screams and Pyrouge uses his "Kong to English" pocket dictionary to tell what he's saying. It turns out that numerous Kongs have been captured by the Kremling Krew and there nefarious leader, King K. Rool. Pyrouge asks about the Rainbow Star piece, and Diddy says that they saw an odd orange cylinder in the Krew's possesion., Knowing this, Pyrouge and his newly aquired friend set out to save the Kongs.

More Comming Soon!

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