The 2nd main chapter of Fire Emblem: Blade of Undeath. It shows Auav, Darlann and Gamorak, as they discover that Highbridge was taken by the undead, and clear the place.


Beat all enemies


Auav's party gets to the final secured place in the Castle Town, Highbridge, only to discover that it was taken! They must clear it now.

Enemy Units

  • 2 Undead Archers (Lv. 2)
  • 2 Undead Claw-Fighters (Lv. 1)
  • 1 Undead Fighter (Lv. 3)
  • Undead General (Cavalier; Boss; Lv. 3)



  • Auav: Finally, Highbridge!
  • Darlann: Umm, His Highness?...
  • Auav: Are these... Oh no! The Undead... They taken over!
  • Villager: Ugh... His Highness... They... Ahhh!
  • Auav: Hey! What happened?
  • Darlann: Auav! They're coming! Gamorak, get ready!
  • Gamorak: Why would I take orders from YOU?
  • Darlann: Oh, I don't know... Maybe I'm the STRATEGIST HERE?!
  • Gamorak: Fine, little boy, don't shout, I'll take my tome ou--- Oh no! Is that... It's ruined!
  • Darlann: Gamorak! What happened?
  • Gamorak: M-my t-t-tome... It's RUINED! There's a DIRT STAIN ON IT!!!
  • Gamorak: Fine, "Strategist" Darlann...
  • Auav: Gamorak, you dare doubt Sir Darlann?!
  • Gamorak: Err... Oh! Let's fight!

Fighting Boss


  • Gamorak: Eek, it's a real Undead Horse!
  • Undead General: Zrrr frruggggrr... Shrieeek!
  • Gamorak: Oh, please no...
  • Undead General: Zrrurgggg...
  • Gamorak: L-let's be quiet.... Undead Steed...
  • Undead General: Zluuggg... Fooool Maaaaage-zrrrrg...
  • Gamorak: Hey, that's insultive! Prepare for my wrath!

After Chapter

  • Auav: You are free, poor villager...
  • Villager: Th-thank you, His Highness...
  • Auav: It's okay.
  • Villager: Please... Take this. A Lunastone...
  • Darlann: His Highne--- A Lunastone?! This rare gem is a precious divine relic for the Elves!
  • Villager: Yes... A young Elf gave it to me a week ago. Her name was... Porty-Puss? Prettyus? Oh, it was Platypus! No wait... Ugh, I don't remember...
  • Darlann: Were did she go?
  • Villager: She said something about... Antgroove?
  • Auav: Oh, Entgrove! So, to Entgrove it is!
  • Darlann: Thank you, dear villager.
  • Villager: No, thank you for saving us...

Chapter Map


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