The 1st main chapter of Fire Emblem: Blade of Undeath. It shows Auav and Darlann on their way to Highbridge, getting stuck in an ambush, led by Mer, a very good leader in the Arcane Squad, only second to Gamorak. Gamorak joins the Player's party on the second Player Phase in this chapter.


Beat all enemies


Auav and Darlann run away from the castle, to get amushed by undead troops on Lowbridge, next to the Royal Arcane University.

Enemy Units

  • 2 Undead Mages (Lv. 2)
  • 2 Undead Claw-Fighters (Lv. 1)
  • Mer (Dark-Mage; Boss; Lv. 2)



  • Auav: Okay, we are in Lowbridge. Only a little more...
  • ???: Sorry to stop you, His Foolness!
  • Darlann: Who are you? Show yourself! This was a familier voice...
  • Auav: Wha! Darlann!
  • Darlann: Not again... Undead! Let's clear our way!
  • Auav: Hmm... The Undead can't speak well, so who shouted at me?
  • Darlann: Sir! Come, we fight now!
  • Auav: Oh, right! Coming, Darlann!

Gamorak Coming

  • Gamorak: Mmm, it seems like there are Undead here, too. Well, back inside it is.
  • Auav: Is that... Gamorak!!!
  • Gamorak: Huh? Was that... Oh, Auav! Hi, little feller! How's it goin'?
  • Auav: You know... FIGHTING FOR MY LIFE!!!
  • Darlann: Who are you spea--- No! Not Gamo-
  • Gamorak: Darlann! Good to see you! Came to defend your friend Gamorak, have you?
  • Darlann: Ugh... Just join us...

Fighting Mer


  • Auav: Mer?!
  • Mer: His Foolness Auav! What are you doing here?
  • Auav: Mer... You are on our side, aren't you?
  • Mer: No, I'm on the WINNING SIDE! Prepare to lose, His Foolness!
  • Auav: Mer...


  • Darlann: Mer. Once again, you betray us.
  • Mer: General Darlann...
  • Darlann: Betraying is our first-priority killing-target. You know this, Mer.
  • Mer: Rules, priorities, duties! Get a life, Darlann!
  • Darlann: Fight and lose with honor!


  • Mer: Wha--- General Gamorak!
  • Gamorak: Mer. You betray me once again.
  • Mer: No... You are supposed to be---
  • Gamorak: Dead? No. That's you. I'm too good to die... And I have the nice Darlann-shield!
  • Mer: I... Can't... We know you're too good for me!
  • Gamorak: Well... Let's test it!
  • Mer: G-G-Gamorak... Just... Fight.

After Chapter

  • Auav: Phew... That's it.
  • Gamorak: Mer... Now who will try to kill me...?
  • Darlann: I can try! You almost killed me!
  • Gamorak: Hey, kiddo! I am your master, don't you---
  • Auav: Let's just keep going...
  • (Everybody go on)
  • Auav: I wonder if Gamorak just says he is 23... He is so childish...

Chapter Map


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