Grass gleamed with glitter and birds chirped as the sun was smiling down. ? Blocks were floating in the air, and Mario and Luigi were running to save the... WAIT WHAT?!

"C'mon-a, Luigi! The Princess needs-a rescuing!," Mario said to his younger brother.

"Yeah... again.," Luigi grumbled.

"Luigi! This-a could be Bowser were talking about! When I-a defeated him, he said-a something about..."

"Ok, Ok! Can we just rescue her and celebrate our birthdays?"

Mario then remembered. It was their birthdays, of course...but this is the perfect time for Bowser to kidnap the Princess!

"I'm-a gonna give this party up-a. The Princess needs-a us!," Mario said.

"Ooooh, imagine that.," Luigi replied.

As the two brothers were running, they noticed there weren't any Toads around. Did Bowser catch them, too?

"Luigi! Look-a!"

Princess Peach's Castle was just up ahead. Nothing seemed to be going on...

"Mario, she's fine. Look, the castle is fine.," Luigi said.

"No, I feel-a something odd! C'mon, bro!," Mario yelled, running to the castle doors, and kicking them open.

"Hmmm...why is it so-a dark? Did Bowser cut the power, too?,"  Mario said to himself.

Suddenly, the lights turned on. There were red and green balloons, streamers, a cake, and even presents!

"SURPRISE!!!," the whole castle crew said. All the Toads were there, along with Toadette, Toadsworth, and Princess Peach!

More coming soon!

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