Samus,"What the hell? The Fusion suit? No it can't be!"

???,"Whats wrong with my suit? The Feds only had this suit so excuse me."

Samus,"Who the hell are you?"

???,"Sir, I don't believe she knows."

???,"Yeah. I am Seth, your brother."

Samus,"My brother? I have a brother."

Adam,"Checking..........Reading files.......found...1 match of DNA in record. Seth Aran. He indeed is your brother, just newly added to the list of bounty hunters."

Me,"Yep, I am your brother. Sorry you had to find out like this, but I have orders to what you started, Ridley."

Samus,"Your joking right?"

???,"Sir, target is speeding right at us."

Me,"Gotcha, love ta chat, but got work to do."

I am beamed up, charging up for assault on the beast. My electro lob is at full power. He opens his mouth to launch a swirling hell made of fire. I release it at him. Ridley eats it, and he slowly drops. I use charge a electro lob-missile combo. I am about to release it when Samus launches a missile at me.

Samus,"Find your own bounty's."

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