All I want right now… is for you to just LEAVE ME ALONE.
Chaplin, Paper Mario: The Diamonds of Virtue

Chaplin is a Cheep-Cheep and one of your partners in Paper Mario: The Diamonds of Virtue. She looks like Sushie from Paper Mario except she is red. She is antisocial and does not spend much time in conversation.


Default attack: Water Gun
FP: 0
Description: Fires some water at an enemy.
Action command: Line up the two cursors and press A. Then, press and release A with perfect timing.
Weaknesses: None.

Default attack: Fish out of Water
FP: 1
Description: Chaplin jumps up and attacks airborne enemies from below.
Action command: Hold the control stick down and release when the diamond icon lights up.
Weaknesses: Does not work against ground-bound enemies.

Level A attack: Fish Fry
FP: 4
Description: Chaplin surrounds herself with high flames so any enemies that try to attack her will get hurt.
Action command: Press the buttons as they appear on the screen.
Weaknesses: Fiery enemies will not suffer damage, but will instead gain health.

Level S attack: Torpedo Slide
FP: 7
Description: Chaplin rotates her body 90 degrees (meaning her side is up and you see her stomach), charges and hits all enemies from the side.
Action command: Press and release A with perfect timing.
Weaknesses: Fire.

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