Full Name Chapeau
Current Age <1
Gender Genderless
Current Status Alive
Julius Roy
Ability/ies Telepathy
First Appearance Ephemerality
Latest Appearance Ephemerality

Chapeau is a magical being created by Julius Roy's Guardian spell. Whenever Julius enchants an object with the spell, Chapeau's consciousness is transferred into it. He is most often bound to whatever hat Julius chooses to wear.



Personal Information



Even when bound to bodies which do not have any sensory capabilities, Chapeau is capable of observing his surroundings. Chapeau is capable of communicating telepathically with Julius.

When bound to an object of a mechanical or electrical nature, he is capable of controlling it within it's intended purposes. For example, when bound to a device with a speaker he can speak through it or otherwise produce any noise he desires.

If the object he is inhabiting is destroyed, Chapeau is considered "dead" until Julius casts the Guardian spell again, at which point he returns as he was at the moment of "death".


Julius Roy