Chaotic Studios is a gaming brand that is currently the owner of the Mario Kart series. They have many plans to make new games. 

Chaotic Studios
Type of Company Video Games
Founder(s) Alpha Ranger
Founded at/in November 15, 2015
Owner(s) Alpha Ranger
No. of Employee(s) KinglerMaster,


Parent Company Nintendo
Coollogo com-204835646


Games Made by Chaotic Studios:

Title Release date Platform(s) Ratings
Mario Kart: Revamped November 16, 2015 Wii U TBD
Corruption and Energy TBD/2015 Wii U TBD


Member's Name Games Made Status


CryoticYoshi Helped with Mario Kart: Revamped Administrator
Alpha Ranger Mario Kart: Revamped Founder


Table made by:

Kingler Master

Image Rank Abilities How To Get This Rank
Hire Decision Pending None at the moment; company still deciding if you can join Automatically received if the company is deciding if you can join.
Employee Can create games, images, and other media for the company; can do joint projects with other members Automatically received if you are accepted to join
Manager Can do everything an employee is allowed to do; can give ideas or help decide on minor company changes; Gets to have two avatars rather thanONE, if they like Make at least 1 sysop-approved game for the company
Sysop Can do everything a manager can do; canHELP decide if members should be banned or are allowed toJOIN the company Make at least 3 sysop-approved games for the company
Administrator Can do everything a sysop is allowed to do; can help manage the company when founder is not present Make at least 1 Featured Article for the company/Make at least 7 sysop-approved games for the company/Be the first to join besides the founder or be the other founder of the company
Founder Can do everything an administrator is allowed to do; manages to company and decides almost everything; exclusive to KinglerMaster. Cannot be obtained by users other than KinglerMaster.
Painter Can do everything a minor manager is allowed to do; usually makes pictures, logos, and boxarts for games and characters of the company Can automatically be given to users if you are Employ