Chaos King is the final boss of Wario Land : Chaos Dimension, his appearance is the same as the Shake king but different, he has 3 horns on his helmet instead of 2, and he has a blue cape instead of a black one, his attacks are similar to Shake King, but new attacks are present, the first one, is by throwing spiky barrels that will still roll around the room, and second, he will throw a huge spiky barrel, which will make the floor break, he is the one responsible for the chaos in Chaos Dimension, if his hp is cut to the last, he will teleport Wario, along with himself into a Stormy Dimension, he has some powers like Shake King Does, Wario has to defeat him the way he defeated shake king


  • Some people might think that the Chaos King is Shake King's Cousin, this is comfirmed, true


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