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Chaos In Aisle 6 is the 67th Episode of the Skip and Sqak Anime Series and the 7th Episode of the 4th Season. It aired on April 3 1999. The plot is when the SSFF get a terrible case of the gimmies at Ant Mart when Kaida and Drogo were only buying groceries when they want treats.



At the Blue Ant Palace, Queen Kaida and King Drogo were discussing about how to get help getting dinner started and Kaida says she knows the solution. Meanwhile, Croco lost a boss battle in Star Blast (A parody of Star Fox) as his other friends want to get things when they go to the store.

Drogo calls the SSFF to go down the front enterance where he tells them that they need help with the groceries. The whole group, with Kaida and Drogo drive off to Ant Mart (A parody of Wal Mart) and Kaida reminds the kids they're only getting groceries, but they didn't hear her as they all are starring in a candy machine. Kaida noticed a donation display for the poor people, and convinces the kids to donate but they all run off as they are distracted by all the treats and toys in Ant Mart. Imp and Tubby wanna get a Boomer Candy Bank, but Kaida tells them to put it back. Imp and Tubby do so, and walk away sadly. Soon, the SSFF got the galloping gimmies:

  • Croco wants Star Blast 2
  • Robin wants a Music Player
  • Dib wants the Piccelo 300
  • Cynder wants a bottle of Le Fume Perfume
  • Sqak wants a Glow In The Dark Frisbee
  • Roshan wants the Book Of Ant Kind
  • Imp and Tubby just want Candy
  • King Cheatsy wants a Giant Pickle

Kaida and Drogo later caught the kids with the treats they wanted and were furious at all of them except Skip, who asks for an apple but it turns out the apple is actually a Fruity Bounce Toy. The kids were told to put their toys back on the shelves, much to their dissapoinment. At the parking lot, the gang see a stand for Stuffed Pogs and want to buy them. When Drogo says no, the gang threw a tantrum right in front of a bunch of strangers. Emberrased, Drogo buys all the Pog Toys for the kids.

When they got home, Drogo complains that the childeren's gimmies were the worst, so he decides to have a meeting with the SSFF to tell them that getting many treats isn't right and they need to think of others. The gang say they agree, but when Merlin and Mira come to visit, they ran right to the front door and asked if they brought something. Enraged, Drogo sends the SSFF to their room with no treats at all. After explaining the gang's misbehavior to her parents, Kaida was told by Merlin that she had the gimmies back when she was a little girl. 

Hearing the entire story, the SSFF come down to apologize, and this time they turned a new leaf. The next day, the gang give their donations in Ant Mart, proving that their gimmie days are finally over.


  • The episode features many cameos of the enemies from Battle For The Neverhood, a game Namcom also developed. The monsters are displayed as toys on the shelves.

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