The console

The Chaos Gioco (pronounced "Jock-oh") (AKA the Metarugēmu in Japan) is a modern handheld console made by Metal Chaos Inc.. It was the first console Metal Chaos Inc. has made. The Chaos Gioco has been released on June 12, 2003.


The Chaos Gioco looks likes a smaller, thicker version of the Nintendo DS but has a few differences.

  • It can have 3 players play the same game.
    • 2 players use a Chaos Gioco, and the third player uses the Chaos Gioco Controller Pro.
  • Plays either Chaos Gioco games or Game Boy games.
  • Has the A, B, X, and Y buttons in the same position as the SNES controller.
  • No SD card slot on the device.


  • "Gioco" is a word in Italian, meaning "game".

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