Chao Chao Chao! The Game (Chao Triple Battalion Game in Japan) is the video game based on The CHAOTIC 4! If you think I'm bad at writing this page, try editing it and make it better! The only things you cant do to this page is use my characters without permission, or delete my content. You may delete others content if they do not follow the guidelines I have let them do on this page.


Chao! Chao! Chao! is a 3D Action game, in which you play as the little things the sonic fans call, Chao! There are more then 4 chaos to play as, and there are many cool secrets in the levels! It is for the system, Arcadian. Arcadian is created by 1337doom as well. On the screen you see HELTH that is spelled like that, and the Chaos Bar, which can get filled with Rings, and then you can use your special attack! You also see the character you play as, which you can switch any time!

You may rewrite this section, but don't take out any ideas!


Joystiker: Move around

Red Buttons 1, 2, and 3: Attack

Big White Button: Jump

Blue Button: Run

Green Button: Special Attack (only when Chaos Bar is filled!)

Pause Button:Pause

Orange Button: Switch character

The controls section, I will let only me edit, because i have to keep track of the controls!



Attacks: Swim Dive, Punch-Kick, Air Bomb.

Special Attack: Pumpkin Spirit


Attacks: Somersault, Jump-Kick, Tackle.

Special Attack: Go Insane


Attacks: Air Bomb, Low Punch, Coin Change

Special Attack: Meteor Shower


Attacks: Air Bomb, Chaos Spear, Equality

Special Attack: Time Stop


Attacks: Somersault, Hero Swipe, Karma Wave

Special Attacks: Get In a Plane

And More!

You may add your own CHAO characters, and they must be along the guidlines of the other characters!


Coming soon, along with lots of other cool sections!

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