Cheese the Chao.

Hero chao

A Hero Chao.

Chao (pronounced chow) are cute little guys from the Sonic the Hedgehog games. They like to spend their time eating, sleeping, and having fun. Their lifestyle is not much different then a Kirby.



4 Chao named Buzzy, Echo, Chaosky, and Star are the main characters in the story The CHAOTIC 4. A video game was made out of the story called Chao Chao Chao! The Game.

Sonic Heroes 2

The Chao garden in Sonic Heroes 2 is in Metropolis.

Sonic's Mirror Realm

A Chao Garden exists in this game. Also, Cream is shown to have a pet Chao.

Notable Chao


  • The plural of Chao is Chao.

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