Chang drawing by Dré
Chang by Dre / Neon the Spelunker
Current Age 21
Date of Birth June 11th
Gender Female
Species Human
Align Anti-Hero
Main Weapon(s) None
Ability/ies Floor-Changing
Height 8'10"
Chang Tyle is a human character whom debuts in Project "G" Crisis.  She is unique for being able to turn acres of ground into different terrain to suit her own purposes.  Chang trains in a forest, turning its environment into different formats. She lives a mostly private life, and generally does not appear in Zaxinian Lifts projects, but debuts in "G" Crisis as part of a side-quest where the player can try to track the mother of Parrie and figure out why they separated.

Game Appearances

Physical Description

Chang is a very tall human being, standing at an impressive eight feet and ten inches, but she hardly stands up as she's almost always seen crawling around on her hands and feet. This crawling is due to her back, which is too wounded to help her go upright. Chang has a dark skin tone, boasts emerald eyes, and has a faint smile most of the time, even when miserable. Her clothes happen to be lime colored medieval robes, and her feet are placed in dark elf-like shoes. Her right hand is covered with a glove, which holds a long bronze staff which sends signals of white smoke to indicate danger to any of her friends.


Chang's most notable ability is the one to change terrain under her hands (and later feet). By pressing her hands against the ground and straining energy into her arms, she can change a short range of ground around her to anything she chooses, like water and sand, or she can concentrate energy into her staff to do the same thing. Her staff can fire puffs of smoke into the air to alert friend or foe of her presence or upcoming danger.

Besides these, Chang can't walk let alone run, but her running speed on all fours is fantastic. She can leap, pounce, and take down all with ease to make up for her lack of upright motion. Her eyes are emerald colored, but they can change depending on the tiling of the ground that she forms. If lava, her eyes glow red, and become intimidating to look it, and if ice, her eyes glow light blue, and any foe staring at her eyes is frozen momentarily.


Chang is clearly mischievous, stealing food or using trickery in her wordless motions to get away from trouble. She has a very calm, relaxing mood, but can be easily angered if things don't go for her preference of direction. If face to face with a valuable foe, she'll fight fairly and respectfully, but if anyone who's not worth her time, she doesn't care if she wins by foul play or by the rules. Due to all this, Chang can be very painful to attempt communicating with.

The ground she sets up sometimes reflect her mood. While at a normal mood she can form any terrain, but certain expressions cause certain ground to appear over the ones she's attempting to set up. If she were angry for example, lava would set up over anything else, and if she were lonely, her terrain would often become like that of caves. This allows her to be very vulnerable to attacks if her moods are triggered, as her strategy becomes quite predictable, but still difficult to deal with.

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  • Whilst Chang is a Chinese name, she is not of that nationality, her name instead is simply a shortened version of the word "Change".