Chang drawing by Dré
Chang sketch by Dr. Drebbles (tbc)
Current Age 31
Date of Birth June 11th
Gender Female
Species Human
Align Neutral
Living alone, the forest breeze, the chirping of birds, trail mix, raw meat, the explorative nature of her powers, eating fruit (especially cherries)
Having to steal, being disrespected in spite of her abilities, the amount of energy her powers require, being sought after, death threats, music of all kinds, her wheat and seasonal allergies, folic acid, gluten
Main Weapon(s) The "Elemetal"
Ability/ies Floor-changing ability
Height 5'08"

Chang Ela Mentyle is a woman that has gone missing since before the events of Zin Emergence: Rebirth of a God, having once been known for changing the physique and design of forests and jungles around herself with her Elemetal staff. The reasons behind her disappearance are unknown, but are said to be linked to the resurgence of Shadow humans in the Zaxinian Lifts. Her disappearance resulted in Fandraxono raising an award for $20,000 USA CASH MONEY for her finding, and said offering has quadrupled since then. She is the real mother of Temple and Parrie, but sent them off to an orphanage at a young age before they were able to remember anything about their past or about the father that "forced" them into existence.

In the wilderness, Chang lived alone and was remembered for her various allergies and mischievous nature around butcher shops. She eventually became part of modern folklore following her disappearance, and spawned several groups that have dedicated their sole purpose to finding and potentially saving her. Chang was well known for having more bark than bite; she was less dangerous than others and herself made her out to be. Heth is interested in her capture due to Chang possibly having a link to the events that have happened since Silver Zin's awakening.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Chang is an average-sized human being, but she hardly stands up as she's almost always seen crawling around on her hands and feet. This crawling is due to her back, which is too bent out of shape to help her stay upright. Chang has a dark skin tone, boasts emerald eyes, and has a faint smile most of the time, even when miserable. Her clothes happen to be lime colored medieval robes, and her feet are placed in dark elf-like shoes. Her right hand is covered with a glove, which holds a long bronze staff which sends signals of white smoke to indicate danger to any of her friends.

During the time of her disappearance, a few photos of her have slipped around that indicated her being very cut-up and dressed up in very religious clothes, as if part of a mysterious cult of sorts.


Chang rarely communicated with others, having preferred to spend time with herself while she still lived in the public eye. Following the abuse and trauma she had to suffer almost right before going through her months of pregnancy, she did not trust anybody that was herself, and showed special distaste for standard white men. She was rarely described as calm, having always been active and doing work that would benefit herself or select individuals, and always got upset and confrontational when her work got interrupted or otherwise destroyed. In spite of her hyperactivity, she was quite quiet and was never one to strike up conversation with others. This quietness was reflected in her responses to questions: she usually nodded or shook her head to them instead of speaking them out.

Her moods generally intensify in regards to what her environment looks like, but not in expected ways. Chang is most calm when the weather is rainy and everything is wet and damp, and is the friendliest under this umbrella atmosphere due to her world being relatively quiet with a lack of people around. However, when the weather is sunny, she gets pissed off easily and tends to shelter herself up in her home wordlessly. When the weather is cloudy, she tends to be in the middle of those behaviors. She gets highly aggressive when it's snowy and feels particularly good when a heat wave is active. These behaviors are known to have been with her since she was young; as such the weather tends to give her mood swings.


With her Elemetal staff, Chang has the power to change the environment to her liking. By thrusting her staff into the ground, she can change the terrain of the land around the base of her staff to whatever matches her current mood. The power of her thrust indicates how much land is changed with her staff, but her maximum power allows her to change 10³ feet of land at the most. The magical properties of her Elemetal prevents changed terrain from affecting others around it; for example, if she forms a lava-like tile from getting pissed off, it will not set the grass around it aflame (though it is still burning hot!). Often, Chang will have to find the right mood to make the changes she wishes to make; she is incapable of forming a water trap if she is upset, so she'll have to find the right mood so she can use her powers to their best potential. Aside from being able to change terrain, she can also puff through the staff to release spirits into the air, which alerts of any danger she senses or foresees.

Other than these powers, she has great speed when on all fours, and can leap, pounce, and maul foes with surprising accuracy. Her athletic ability can also be used to scale walls quickly or even spider crawl across ceilings. She is well-trained in the art of karate and possesses some very powerful hand-to-hand combat skills because of it.



  • While Chang is a Chinese name, that is not her nationality; her name instead is simply a shortened version of the word "Change".

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