Soon the Earth will parish and it would be all mine...

Challzo is a Male Beast who came from the Underworld to speard darkness across the Earth and have him take over. Challzo is the main villian of David RPG: The Legend of the Ten Spirits where he goes to Earth again and sends his army to invade like he did thirty thousand years ago. Challzo was the one responsible for the missing of The Ten Spirits. Challzo is later defeated in the end of David RPG and swores that in thousands of years or more he will rise again with a much larger army.


General Information

Personality and Traits

Challzo is a ruthless and cruel being who doesn't care for any living Human on Earth. Challzo is strict as he shouts alot whenever sending in more troops to invade, and is intelligent as he created such a large army of aliens and robots. He often gets mad whenever one of his biggest creations is defeated and when a Spirit is collected which explains why was he got insane near the end of the game. Challzo is also shown to be greedy.

Physical Appearence

Challzo's appearence that he has dark skin with devil-ish horns and a large body. Challzo wears a robe with a ripped up and short cape, he also wears a chain which has the symbol of his army. Challzo also has 3 eyes and large legs, but they are mostly unseen due to his robe. He also has four fingers will long nails which are used for attacking.


You haven't seen the last of me. Someday in a thousand years or so I will return and all of you will parish. The universe will someday we mine...
Challzo after he was defeated

Send in the Milimons!

Prepare to die, puny Lightning Boy.
Challzo before he battles David


  • In David Racing his size had to be smaller due to his size in David RPG: The Legend of the Ten Spirits.
  • A Challzo toy is seen inside a house in Susan and the Sacred Sword of Olean.

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