Full Name Chainsforlimbs
Gender Male
Location Prison Box
Current Status Alive
2 Chainz

Chainsforlimbs is a human male with his arms and legs replaced by long lines of large chains. He has been isolated in a constantly changing prison for his entire life. His chains are apparently "natural," meaning that he can use them as arms and legs; however, they can equally be used as chains and have odd proportions as they do not function with the same structure. Because he has never seen the outside world, he does not know how to speak any language, but he is able to make nonsensical noises.


Having never been outside of his prison, Chainsforlimbs does not know how to properly act. As such, he is somewhat of a maniac. He often attempts to escape or break his "prison box" although it seems to be impenetrable. His emotions are expressed in an inhuman way. Rather than showing them with his face or voice, he motions with his chains.


Chainsforlimbs wears a black jacket with a strange emblem on it over a maroon sweater that covers some of his chains as well as dark purple pants. He has brown-black hair that seems messed up and gray eyes. He also has pale skin. He face seems to look as if he were always angry.