A normal Chain Chomplet.

Chain Chomplet

A fiery Chain Chomplet.

Chain Chomplets are a sub-species of Chain Chomp. They have a red body due to the fire that surrounds them. If Mario sprays water at them using FLUDD or throws a barrel of water at them they become black and move very slowly.When they are black Mario can grab their chain and pull the chain, when Mario releases it they will be shot and bump into bump walls.

From there they will be stunned for a moment then the Chomplets will set on fire again. When they are on fire they will create a red and orange goop called Lava goop which can burn Mario and produce Swoopin' Stus.

They are set to appear in "Mario and Bowser 2 War!" as Bowser distractions to keep Mario from rescuing the Yoshi's of the kindom.

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