Chad Capybara
Full Name Chad Capybara
Current Age 20
Date of Birth March 5th, 1995
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Gender Male
Species Capybara
Location Massive Mountain
Current Status Alive
Height 3'0 (91 cm)
Weight 75 lbs.
First Appearance Peter Pika

Chad Capybara is an anthromorphic male Capybara and the secondary protagonist of Peter Pika. He's a snivelly capybara who runs a shop in Massive Mountain, in addition to teaching Peter new things and giving out information. He is also a playable character in the game's unlockable Hard Mode.


Chad was born to a large family of Capybaras living in a swamp. They decided to move after humans began to turn the swamp into a factory. They settled on the natural beauty of Massive Mountain. There, Chad found a friend in Redd, who he enjoyed because Redd was much more stylish. Chad also came upon a book, something they didn't have in the swamp. Chad became a frequent reader and very smart. They later met Peter Pika, and befriended him. In their adult lives, Chad assisted Peter in his quest to protect Massive Mountain from Dr. Wessel through info and a shop. He went back to the normal life once Wessel was defeated.


Chad is incredibly critical of himself, and has a pessimistic attitude, which is raised occasionally by his close friends Redd and Peter. Despite his flaws, Chad is kind and incredibly smart, knowing all about science and athleticism, in additition to the economy. With his knowledge, he has become an invaluable ally to Peter.


Chad is an average Capybara who frequently has his eyes closed or squinting. He is also a bit large in weight.


Chad isn't as athletic as Peter or Redd, but can use physical strength to his advantage. His main moves are a powerful body slam and ramming with his shoulder into enemies. He is also incredibly smart.


  • Chad was originally the game's main protagonist, but the offputting appearance of the Capybara made the developers move to Peter Pika. Chad was changed to a secondary protagonist.