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Ceryantha pencil
Drawn by Ryushusupercat (tbc)
Current Age 22
Gender Female
Species Shadow Elemental
Align True Neutral
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Spectramancy
Manipulation of shadows
Able to hide in shadows and become intangible in the process
Vulnerable To Light
Height 3'7"
Sexuality Unknown
"The Lonely Shade"
Series Elementals and Daemons

Ceryantha (pronounced "SARE-ree-AHN-thuh") is a Shadow Elemental.

She debuts in the Elementals and Daemons series.

Physical Description

A lithe-bodied, vaguely fox-like biped who stands a bit over three feet tall, Ceryantha has a fairly short snout with slit nostrils, large, tufted ears, and a crooked-looking tail that narrows down near the end, before ending in a thicker tuft. A thick ruff of fur wraps around her shoulders and extends down her back some ways, and she has long, fluffy hair. She also has thicker fur on her thighs, and parts of her body have various markings.

Her fur is mostly arsenic in color, while both her hair and her neck ruff are black in color. The markings on her body are antique fuchsia in color, and her eyes are golden poppy in color.



Ceryantha's primary ability is the manipulation of shadows. This mostly revolves around the ability to become incorporeal and hide in shadows (think Midna fromTwilight Princess), but she is also able to draw in the energy from nearby shadows and concentrate it into a tangible form. She can also change the shape and appearance of a shadow, but this has virtually no combative use.

She is also capable of manipulating the element of Darkness.



If there are no shadows in the vicinity, then there is little for Ceryantha to manipulate, and nothing for her to hide in, as she can only become intangible via a shadow. Should she be hiding in a shadow, and the presence of too much light would cause it to disappear, she would be forcefully ejected out of it, and be forced to become tangible once more in the process; this causes a great deal of stress on her body if it happens.

Her overall defenses are subpar, and virtually her only means of defense is to hide within a shadow to avoid an attack. While she is able to draw in shadows and solidify them into barriers, they aren't terribly sturdy at all, and are really only effective against opposing Dark-element techniques.

Friends and Foes






A shy and somewhat timid creature, Ceryantha nevertheless seems to crave the company of others, and will habitually spy on people by hiding in any nearby shadows, and observing them. She has had little success in approaching people, as her shyness tends to get in the way of that.

While she is usually soft-spoken, she will throw a major tantrum if pressed to her limits.

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