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Cereal Loving Waddle Dee
Cerial Loving Waddle Dee
Full Name Greeny Dee
Current Age 9
Date of Birth December 8th
Gender male
Species Waddle Dee
Main Weapon(s) Hammer
Height 8 inches
First Appearance A Waddle Dee's Adventure
Latest Appearance A Waddle Dee's Adventure 2
Cereal Loving Waddle Dee is the only naturally lime-colored Waddle Dee. He was born when there was an awkward silence At Castle Dedede. His Real Name is Greeny Dee, but he prefers to be called Cereal Loving Waddle Dee He first appears in his own game called "A Waddle Dee's Adventure" where it introduces his hate for King Dedede. In A Waddle Dee's Adventure, Cereal Loving Waddle Dee has to take his cerial back that king dedede stole. His second appearance introduces his like for Kirby, In "A Waddle Dee's Adventure 2" Where King Dedede once again steals his Cereal, but also steals Kirby's food, Therefore Kirby Is Playable, In the cut scenes it reveals Kirby And Waddle Dee's Friendship. Cereal Loving Waddle Dee is loyal to kirby, but not to anyone else. He can be extremely disobedient to anyone else and cause alot of trouble and destruction.


Cerial Loving Waddle Dee's Only Other friends besides Kirby, Is Nacho Loving Waddle Doo, Ice Cream Loving Sir Slippy, Ninja-O, Loving Bio Spark, Drink Loving Wheelie, Cookie Loving Poppy Bro Jr, and Pasta Loving Chilly. His Most Best friends out of all his friends are Kirby and Nacho Loving Waddle Doo. Cerial Loving Waddle Dee is Extremely Immature and spoiled. His Real Name Is Greeny Dee.


Cereal Loving Waddle Dee is a Spoiled Brat who hates everyone without a goofy trademark favorite food, expept for kirby, He likes Kirby. Waddle Dee can cause alot of Destruction, (Much like Kirby when controlled by the demon frog). Waddle Dee Extremely Immature too, He back talks to alot of characters, He tries his best to make all his ememies lives miserable.

Relationships in general

Kirby - Best Friend Forever

Nacho Loving Waddle Doo - Best Friend

Ice Cream Loving Sir Slippy - Awesome Friend

Ninja-O, Loving Bio Spark - Not Getting Along Very well, They have alot of fights about which cerial is better

Drink Loving Wheelie - Kinda Getting Along, Wheelie can be mean sometimes

Cookie Loving Poppy Bro Jr. - Getting Along Okay, Poppy can be annoying sometimes.

Pasta Loving Chilly - Good Friend, Waddle Dee thinks hes funny, due to how he doesn't make any sense

King Dedede - Worst Enemies, Waddle Dee hates how King Dedede Is always Obsessed with clobbering Kirby, and how mean King Dedede Is.

Meta Knight - Waddle Dee has Little Brother Syndrome toward Meta Knight, He thinks He can beat Meta Knight really easily, Waddle Dee likes to call him Senor Noodle Arms.

Cerial Loving Waddle Dee

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