Full Name Cerabus Delain
Current Age 47
Gender Male
Current Status Dead
Class Dragoon
Main Weapon(s) Spear
Latest Appearance Nelson's Dungeon
So this... this is how it ends...

, as he is dying in Nelson's Dungeon

Cerabus Delain is a villain in Nelson's Dungeon. He is a cold-hearted Dragoon mercenary, and all he cares about is money. He is hired by Arlen to kill Nelson and his party, who are interfering with his plans. He clashes with them several times, before a final confrontation as the boss of Old Carina. He is defeated, but not before he kills Girin Ironbeard. After he deals the final blow to the dwarf, he is felled by Eban, who stabs him through the heart.

Journal Entry

"A cruel Dragoon mercenary hired by Arlen, Cerabus pursues Nelson's party across Iliana, encountering them several times. His only love is for money, and he has no regrets about any of his past kills."


  • His last name, Delain, comes from the name of the kingdom in the epic fantay novel The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King.