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First Appearance Olive (2017)
Latest Appearance Olive (2017)
Current Inhabitant(s)
Location Type Capital City
Included Environment(s)
Early 1900's Urban
Notable Resident(s)
Joza Vazel
Zania Vazel
Aryeon Vazel

Centralis is the capital of Pangaia, and the entirety of the identically-named region. The large city houses several important locations, including Tower Royale and Silent Historia.



See main article, Oliviòs.

In Utomina, the area occupied by Centralis was, similarily, a capital city known as Oliviòs. Unlike Centralis' mechanized, early-industrial style, Oliviòs was a sacred place dotted with temples and monuments. Its ruins are the foundation for Centralis, and most of the forgotten city rests underground in the secret area known as Silent Historia.


Centralis was the first place to be rebuilt from its Utominian ruin during the birth of Pangaia. Aryeon Vazel and Pangaia Heart ended up in the area after escaping The Other Side, and united the ordinary people left behind after the advent of darkness in order to reconstruct a capital city. Pangaia became the first monarch, and as queen oversaw the reconstruction and integration of Prism-based machinery, a program which eventually expanded throughout the country.

After a few years, Pangaia resigned as queen to directly assist the people of the Nanto region in their tumultuous recovery, placing Aryeon as the new king. In this position, Aryeon, despite his responsibilities to his wife, his two children, Joza and Zania, and his city, used his new leadership primarily to figure out a way to return to The Other Side and save what was lost. Once he went, after his wife had unfortunately passed, Joza and Zania were left as the new rulers.




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