Scottish Flag Celtic Speedway
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Course Nicknames none known
Length 3 miles
Corners 24
Appearances Fantendo Kart Ultra
Flame Kart
Clyde Racing

Celtic Speedway is a track that appears in Fantendo Kart Ultra, as well as Flame Kart and Clyde Racing. It's three miles long and has 24 corners. It's a street circuit around the Scottish Highlands. In Fantendo Kart Ultra, it's staff ghost is Flame and expert ghost is Clyde. It also appears in some of the missions.


Fantendo Kart Ultra

Name Description Series Staff Ghost Staff Ghost Vehicle Expert Ghost Expert Ghost Vehicle
Celtic Speedway A Complex Street Circuit around Scottish Highland roads. The roads include a 20% rise and drop. Flame Flame Clyde

In Fantendo Kart Ultra, the Celtic Speedway appears as Clyde's track. Flame is the ghost staff data, with Clyde being the expert staff ghost data.

Mission Mode

L-# Name Description Chosen Character
1-8 Driver's Ed 2: Braking Brake rightly when racing of a hill in Celtic Speedway! Don't go too fast! Clyde
4-2 Celtic Comeback Win the Celtic Speedway, despite being 7 seconds down at the start. Clyde

The Celtic Speedway appears in Level 1, Mission 8 and Level 4, Mission 2. Both of the Missions use Clyde.

Flame Kart

The track is also in Flame Kart in the Lightning Cup - it's got the same course layout as Fantendo Kart Ultra.

Clyde Racing

A appearance was made in Clyde Racing, as part of the Scottish Cup. It too has the same layout to Fantendo Kart Ultra.