Cell division

Teaser poster. (Art by Exotoro, coloring by Brochi.)

Cell Division is an upcoming 2015 title by series creator Exotoro back at the directing role with Sr. Wario as a co-director.

It will be the third game in the series. The game is reportedly to be much darker than the previous titles.




Act I: Interphase

After defeating the leader of the Tarantula project and back at her home planet on Empiron, Fuchsia continues to have nightmares over the previous events. She is greeted by Dr. Red, a woman robed in a red labcoat. Stating that she wishes to no longer to do any projects to Dr. Red, she slams the door before Dr. Red can start to explain why she is there.

Fuchsia's Archnadroid crawls over to her, now repaired after the events of Cellstruck. As they sit in silence only interrupted by the knocking of the door, three blue humanoid droids bash through the walls of the house and aim at Fuchsia. Fuchsia dodges their fire and scrambles to get out of her house, with her Archnadroid scrambling behind her. Dr. Red unsheathes a red colored shock-stick and takes down one with ease, and then shaking the parts onto the other droids. She snaps her fingers and a red hovercycle comes to her. She invites Fuchsia on as they avoid the blue droids.

Act II: Mitosis

Act III: Cytokinesis