Celebrity Deathmatch
Producer(s) Dennis Muldrew
Distributor(s) Warner Bros.
Broadcaster(s) Sacramento International Television
Type CGI Animation
Genre(s) Comedy

Celebrity Deathmatch is a clay-animated television series created by Sactown Studios. The series features various celebrities fighting in a ring, with often exggerated attacks, and always ending in the loser's gruesome death. The series will premier on Sacramento Intenational Television in Fall 2013.

Season 1

Names that are in bold indicate the winner of the fight.

Image Fighters Also Appearing Deaths Notes
Barack Obama vs. Valdimir Putin Valdimir Putin: TBA
Dr. Phil vs. Dr. Dre Stone Cold Steve Austin Dr. Phil and Dr. Dre: TBA
Justin Bieber vs. Rebecca Black Adele

Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black: Adele falls out of the commentary booth, and chrushes both fighters with her enormous weight.

Sarah Palin vsSeth McFarlene N/A Sarah Palin: Head knocked off by a baseball bat.
Adam Sandler vs. Will Smith Adam Sandler: Smashed by a giant anvil.
Norman Lear vs. Chuck Lorre
Fidel Castro vs. Dwight D. Eisenhower Dwight D. Eisenhower: Set on fire by Fidel Castro's cigars.
  • This fight is from the Deathmatch Vault and takes place in the 1950's.
Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un vs. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Dennis Rodman: Head torn off and slam dunked in a basketball hoop.

Kim Jong Un: Thrown into a pool of explosive hot sauce. 

  • All fighters fought in a replica of an NBA Stadium
Judge Joe Brown vs. Judge Mathis Judge Lynn Taylor (as a guest referee) Judge Joe Brown: Whacked in the head reapeatedly with a mallet.
  • The ring is decorated like a courtroom.
Homer Simpson and Marge Simpson vs. Peter Griffin and Lois Griffin Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin: Roll down a flight of stairs, and die after crashing into the closet.
  • This is the second fight allowed between cartoon characters.
  • The ring is decorated like an animated sitcom set.
Lisa Bonet vs. Malcom Jamal Warner vs. Tempeset Bledsoe vs. Sabrina Lebauf vs. Keisha Knight Pullman

Malcom Jamal Warner and Lisa Bonet: Fall down the stairs and crash into the closet, causing the entire set to fall down.

Tempeset Bledsoe, Sabrina Lebauf, and Keisha Knight Pullman: Crushed by the set after it falls on all of them.

  • This is the second fight from the Deathmatch Vault, taking place in 1988.
  • The ring is a replica of The Cosby Show Set
Ricki Lake vs. Fred Phelps Fred Phelps: Knocked unconcious with a bible, and has skeleton torn out of his ass.
  • The third fight from the Deathmatch Vault, taking place in 1993.
  • The ring is decoreated like the Ricki Lake Show.
Jerry Springer vs. Maury Povich

Jerry Springer: Crushed by a dumpster.