Ceallachán Mackay
Ceallachán Mackay, as he appears in Flame in the Dark 4.
Full Name Ceallachán Mackay
Current Age 15
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Glasgow, Scotland
Current Status Alive
Class Protagonist
Main Weapon(s) Various
First Appearance Flame in the Dark 4

Ceallachán Mackay is a fourteen year-old Scottish protagonist who appears in Flame in the Dark 4. He serves as a member of the Celtic Military, being based in Glasgow. He also plays for Team Flame-Scotland.


Ceallachán was one of the Celtic Military members to appear as a peace keeper in Northern Ireland, in places such as Belfast and L'Derry. He is shown to have been there due to various references in Flame in the Dark 4, including cutscenes and an old military schedule that appears in TATD?.

Flame in the Dark 4

Ceallachán first appears in TATD?. There, he is trained by Clyde about how to use weapons correctly. His role develops throughout the game - ending up as a major character. He is the character that is playable in the most levels. He is a member of the Tartan Army and the Scottish Air Force - as shown in the levels Back Home? and I Can Fly?. He appears in the Scottish bonus level, where the playable character is Clyde.

Team Flame-Scotland

Ceallachán appears as a striker for Team Flame-Scotland, a team in the Fantendo Football League. It is known that he is on £15,000 per week and that he has been valued by the club at £10,000,000. He lines up alongside other Flame Games characters such as Tom Richmond, Clyde and Flame.


Flame in the Dark 4

Name Military Description
Ceallachán Mackay Celtic Military Ceallachán Mackay appears for the first time. He is a playable character for the Celtic Military, being originally based in Glasgow, Scotland.