Arthur's story

Episode 1 begins in Arthur's House, with the player controlling Arthur. There is a Save point and Full restore here, as well as a blazing fireplace. Arthur is already equipped with the Mimiga Sword. Leaving the house, Arthur will find Toroko panicking and running in circles. By approaching her and asking what's wrong, she will reveal that her friend Pochako has gone missing, before bursting into tears and running away again.

From here, the player can explore Mimiga Village and its surrounding areas. Northwest is the First Cave, the Sky Pavilion is to the north, and the Red Cave is to the southeast. A large, red crystal is blocking the entrance to the Red Cave, meaning the player cannot enter. The village itself is larger and more densely populated than in the original Cave Story. 

To break the crystal, the player must visit the Hermit Gunsmith in the First Cave and steal his Pickaxe. Don't worry about him being angry- he's fast asleep. Visiting the Sky Pavilion is unnecessary, but Arthur can meet Toroko there. In exchange for a missing necklace (which is held by the Mimiga near the village's garden) she will give him a jar of Jellyfish Jam, which can be used in the fireplace to obtain the Bubbler weapon.

Using the Pickaxe to enter the Red Cave, Arthur must traverse the dangerous, spiky terrain of the seldom-visited tunnel. Coming to its end, Arthur will find the Red Ogre towering over a terrified Pochako. A battle then ensues, with the Red Ogre acting much like he does in Cave Story. Before Arthur can land the finishing blow, a mysterious robot named Citation appears and engages Arthur's attention. Meanwhile, the Red Ogre runs away with Pochako.

It seems like Citation is about to challenge Arthur to a battle, but he instead entrusts a yarn-like robot named Stringent to do the job. Arthur defeats Stringent, causing Citation to throw a miniscule hissy fit. Ame-X then appears and warps away Stringent's remains and Citation. Arthur is left bewildered, ending his half of the episode.

If the player enters the Mimiga Hospital in the village during the episode, they will find Pooh Black terrorizing the doctors and patients. This is an optional boss battle that nets the player a +5HP Bonus.


  • Mimiga Village
  • First Cave
  • Sky Pavilion
  • Red Cave


  • Amenoid
  • Batton
  • Stelector


  • Red Ogre (1st fight)
  • Stringent
  • Pooh Black (optional)


  • Mimiga Sword
  • Pickaxe
  • Bubbler (optional)

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