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A Catalyst is a type of character introduced in Fantendo Visual Novel: Fracture, with the introduction of the first known Catalyst named Reese. Catalysts are characters who can create and travel through timelines, although they begin an event known as the "Fracture", which dictates that the universe will crash under it's own weight in time. A copy of the Catalyst goes to the new timeline everytime a new timeline split is created. Additionally, timelines can split backwards, allowing for new timelines that changed. This continues long after the split.

More experienced catalysts can receive revelations and will themselves to open up portals to other timelines.

They are important characters in both Fantendo Visual Novel: Fracture and Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered. Some Catalysts appear drastically different in the different timelines such as Trip the Singularity, or remain mostly the same like Reese.

Post Shattering, Catalysts were modified, their powers locked and have to be intentionally unlocked and used. Additionally, use of these powers does not create a fracturing effect but they are nerfed in comparison to their pre-shattering counterparts. Unten is also no longer a Catalyst.

Known Catalysts

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