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Casumir in a black pallette
Full Name Casumir Yakhana
Current Age 19
Date of Birth 13 July 2010
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Kiedswit, Poland
Current Status Alive
Ethnicity Polish
Height 5'10 (177cm)
Weight 135 lbs (61kg)
First Appearance Alyssa

Casumir Yakhana is a human male who lives in Kiedswit, Poland. He will appear in Alyssa. In Alyssa, he makes friends with several people who support him throughout his life despite what had happened in his past.


Casumir was born in Kraków, Poland, and lived a mostly normal life until he was 12. At this age, he was involved in a school shooting. Majority of those in the classroom were murdered, though he was a survivor, but a bullet grazed his waist. He took years and years to recover, but when he was 14 he returned to his normal life. He began to write horror stories mirroring his inner dialogue during his time after the shooting.

General Information

Physical Appearance

Casumir is a young man with black hair. He is fairly tall, and has brown eyes. He normally wears a grey hoodie with a white shirt underneath, along with black pants and grey shoes.


Casumir has an interest in writing horror stories. Despite this, he is quite squeamish and jumpy to surprises. He gets scared easily, mostly because of things he does not expect to happen. He tries to stay out of danger at all costs.


Casumir is a good writer, mainly in horror stories. He always sees the potential danger in every situation, and it is possible for him to warn the others to stay safe.



Casumir was completely traumatized for his entire life after the shooting. His parents were uneducated on how to support him, and thus he did not have many fond memories of them, and regrets his childhood for it.

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