Castlevania: Symphony of the Room
Box Art
Developer(s) NoUmami
Publisher(s) NoUmamu
Platform(s) Praystation
Release Date(s)
June 6th, 2066
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Metroidvania
Series Crasslevania
Media Included Praystation Disc

Castlevania: Symphony of the Room is a remake of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night where the majority of the characters are replaced by those from The Room. It is a crossover with many of the lines rewritten to accommodate the material from The Room.


Castlevania: Symphony of the Room begins during Dracula's defeat at the hands of Christer Belmont. Four years later, Alumark arrives at the castle. He meets Wiseaucula's friend, Death, strips him of his equipment and warns him not to enter the castle. Along the way, he meets Claudetteria, a seventy-year-old vampire hunter who is looking for Christer. Alumark also meets the castle's librarian, who sells items and equipment to him. After encountering Claudetteria while journeying through the vast castle, Alumark meets Christer who claims to be the lord of the castle, and commands two monsters to fight Alumark.


Character Description
Tommy Wiseaucula
Tommy Wisaeucula is a tortured soul due to the departure of his wife, Lisa. He was destroyed by Christer Belmont 5 years prior to the events, but his servant Dennyshaft intends to bring him back. His son, Alumark intends to destroy him.
Alumark is Wisaeucula's son. Because of his heritage, despite being half-human, he has supernatural abilities. After his mother Lisa was killed, his father took him under his wing to try and mold him into a dark warrior for the side of evil.
Lisa was hunted and killed due to accusations of being a witch. She used to be Wiseaucula's lover. Her son is Alumark, and left a great influence on him. Her death tore Wiseaucula apart.
Death is a servant of Wiseaucula. He is Dracula's good friend and companion and stays by his side until the very end...

Castle Areas



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