Castle Street Kids are a association football team in the Fantendo Football League. They joined in Season 4, and play in Division 2. They play at the Castle Street Cave.


Manager Spark01 (tbc)
Assistant Manager Max2 (tbc)
Formation 4-4-2
GK Poliwhirl
RB Randy
RCB Marill
LCB Venonat
LB Lotey
RM Squirtle
RCM Mrs. P
LCM Princess Cleffa
LM Jiggy P
ST Sandslash P (vice-captain)
ST Litle P (captain)



The stadium is rather small as Castle Street is a relatively populus area. The four stands are the P Stand, Amigoes Stand, Royal Stand and the Cave End home to the away fans. It is the second smallest pitch size in the league as it's in a cave.


The Pokémon Johto chorus with Castle Street Kids being said instead.

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