Not to be confused with The Forest

Castle Street Forest is a location in the Litle P and Sandslash Series. It is where the kids usually have fun. It is large and maze-like, and supposedly goes on for miles. It is a protected landmark according to Princess Cleffa.


Castle Street Forest

The main part of the woods. It is bright and cheery, and is where the entrance is located.

Deep Castle Woods

Although named differently, the two sides of the forest are one and the same. Deep Castle Woods is perpetually dark, with occasional light coming from in between the tree branches. The Kid Base is located here. It is rumored to go on forever, and evidence of this is found almost everywhere. Sinister creatures like The Halloween Haunt are rumored to be located here. It takes up the majority of the forest.

The Big Tree

A larger-than-average tree everybody uses for navigation.

Sub-Terrain Zone

An underground maze located under the forest. It was discoved by Randy while his friends were exploring. It goes on almost as long as the forest, and has many areas, like a diamond cave, an underground lake, and a lone tree.

Previous Names

  • Kid Forest
  • Litle P Woods
  • The Forest