Castle Country is a game for the Nintendo Wii where there is a new area with all the Nintendo worlds being duplicated into a theme-park-like place. The Nintendo Royalty fight against a army of evil enemies called the 'Count Them'.


There are 3 different types of characters in the game:

Main Royals

These are the main royals in the game which you can play as. You can play as the friends on two player mode.

Other Royals

These royals are not playable, but they have a main role in the Country.

  • Queen Merelda
  • Golden Diva
  • Princess Butter
  • King Roland
  • Princess Elise III of Soleanna
  • King Goomba
  • King Bo-omb
  • Prince Bowser Jr.


These are playable, only not to be royalty they are friends to each other.


  • Princess Butter & King Roland appear as 3rd party for MySims and EA.
  • Princess Elise III of Soleanna Appears as a 3rd party as well along with Sonic, Knuckles, Amy and Blaze for Sonic and NIGHts also represents Sega.

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