Character Description
GrandmaNormal Grandma Normal Grandma is the weakest of all Grandmas. She will run around and hit people with her roller, aswell as shoot her dentures at you. She spawns alot more during Grandmapocalypse.
FarmerGrandmaFarmer Grandma Farmer Grandma will run around and stab people with her pitchfork, aswell as shoot people with her dentures. She spawns alot more during Grandmapocalypse.
WorkerGrandmaWorker Grandma Worker Grandma is stronger then Normal and Farmer Grandma. She will throw wrenches at you aswell as shoot dentures, faster then Farmer and Normal Grandma. She spawns alot more during Grandmapocalypse.
SwirlTarrSwirl Tarr A Tarr that seems to have been effected by the Smile Portal Effect, aswell as messing up the little thing's brain, it made it very hostile. Swirl Tarr attacks by swinging his swirl around and trying to eat you with his deformed mouth.

Story Mode Bosses


TR-8R, while the first boss, is not one to be taken lightly. He is more of a melee character, not even having one single ranged attack. His attacks will shock characters and stun them, so watch out!

TR-8R can be fought again after Story Mode is finished, and he is extremely strong in his return.

Dungeon Bosses

Dark Mario

Dark Mario is literally just an edgy Mario, who literally has the same attacks as Mario, though his phases seem to be different..

dA4rK mARio

dA4rK mARio is Dark Mario's second phase and changes it up a bit. dA4rK mARio has 6 outstretched shadow hands that are positioned at the top and the bottom, firing what looks like disembodied eyeballs at the character. dA4rK mARio attacks by using it's lifeless eyes to try to suck you in, which is an instant kill.

d4762KK 73ART###

d4762KK 73ART### is a writhing mass of slime and tentacles, it suspends itself on the middle of the screen, with it's heart laying under it. It will try to eat you with its tentacles and the 6 outstretched arms will become mouths, shooting blood lasers at you every time it can. d4762KK 73ART### has a mouth on each side this shoots out a disembodied tongue that chases you around, the tongues cannot be killed.

27(@#*# @*#($ja(AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

27(@#*# @*#($ja(AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA is pretty much Giygas, as he is only in the background, but 27(@#*# @*#($ja(AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA's only non-background area is his heavy beating heart, which shoots blood out everywhere and defends itself. The mouths descend into the background and begin to shoot tongues at you rapidly, aswell as one singular eye in the background that shoots out a massive laser. Once killed 27(@#*# @*#($ja(AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA will crumple up into a ball and dissapear.

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