Made for the Blade!
Carvealier's official catchphrase.

Official artwork.
Full Name Carvealier
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Ghost
Main Weapon(s) Blades
Ability/ies TBA...
Vulnerable To Magic
Voice Actor(s)
Currently unknown
First Appearance Skylanders: Ancient Elements
Carvealier is an Undead element Skylander introduced in Skylanders: Ancient Elements. He is one of the Elemental Guardians, with Steel as his Ancient Element.



Carvealier once served the Ogre King as his loyal spirit knight. The Ogre King told Carvealier lies that justified his villainous actions, and in return he continued to serve him and even fight against the Skylanders. One day, Carvealier floated in on the Ogre King while he was discussing his plans to steal the Elemental Zodiac and use it to bring Skylands to it's knees. Carvealier confronted him about this, and the Ogre King ordered his minions to imprison him. He managed to escape and sought out Master Eon, saying that he was done serving the Ogre King after discovering his lies. Eon accepted his apology and granted Carvealier a position among the Skylanders.

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